Mezcal, Mexican Drink

One of the popular drinks in Mexico is the mezcal, because it is made from agave with a delicious flavor. It is used both to prepare cocktails or even to give a special touch to food. But the benefits of mezcal for health are only beginning to take on relevance.
In recent years, mezcal has been discovered by the international public thanks to the commercialization that has been given in bars and restaurants mainly. Today you can find it in stores specializing in the sale of alcohol and probably in some prestigious supermarkets. This is, without a doubt, a drink with such a particular flavor that will not leave you indifferent. Like tequila, mezcal is an agave distillate that comes from a plant of the Agavaceae family whose growth is abundant in Mexico.
According to pharmacological studies in Mexico, mezcal has many benefits for health, in addition to its alcohol is completely perfect. Although every alcoholic beverage should be taken with measure and responsibility, consume a glass of mezcal, it makes you feel good and makes you maintain functions in good level.
Specialists mention that drinking a glass a day helps with cholesterol, to burn fat and maintain circulatory functions in good condition. In addition, López explains that mezcal contains chains of polysaccharides that allow a person with diabetes to consume it because it will not cause any harm.
For her part Janet Long, author of the book “Conquest and food, consequences of the meeting of the worlds”, lists some other benefits that mezcal brings to health:
1. It favors digestion
2. It is an excellent relaxing and helps to fall asleep
3. Contributes to improve circulatory functions
4. It calms pain and prevents inflammation
5. It is a natural invigorating that enlivens intelligence and drives away annoyance
Research on the benefits of mezcal for health will continue to be carried out, with which we can continue adding properties, meanwhile remember that you should enjoy avoiding as much as possible the excesses.